The Number One Thing You Should Be Careful About With Tarot

Tarot is all fun and games, right? It’s a party trick, great for entertaining friends or impressing that guy with the om tattoo. It’s totally harmless, and the only person who’s worried about it is your weird Christian aunt who keeps telling you it’s Satanic.

Well, it may not be Satanic, but it’s not as harmless as you might think. Tarot starts as a party trick, but when people see that it works, it can become an obsession. If you’re addicted to Tarot, it could have real and damaging effects on your life. Here’s what to watch out for.

How to Tell You’re Getting Addicted

It starts when you’re asking the Tarot multiple questions per day. At first you justify this as just practice. Then you find that you’re asking the same question again and again, trying to squeeze out different results. The readings are becoming increasingly confusing. Before long, you can’t make even the simplest life decision without checking your Tarot app. The Tarot is deciding which brand of peanut butter you should buy. You’re asking if you should go out now or in a few more minutes. You’re frustrated that you can’t understand the answers. Your mind is clouded with worry that you might miss some sign and take a wrong turn.


What to Do

It’s time to take a step back. The problem here is that you have given away your power. Remember, the Tarot is just a deck of cards. It’s printed paper. The app is just digital information. It’s random. The power of Tarot comes from your mind. If your mind is powerful and focused, your readings will be, too. But if your mind is cluttered and chaotic, the cards won’t make sense. You’ll go into a tailspin trying to grasp a meaning that isn’t there.

It isn’t there because you’re looking for it outside of yourself. Always come back to the mind. Put the cards away for a few days and get back to making empowered, intelligent decisions. Let go of fate and superstition to regain control of your life. And don’t worry, this happens to most readers at some point. The Tarot is a powerful thing, and there’s a learning curve. Use it methodically, and don’t let it run your life.

How to Avoid Getting Obsessed Again

The key is empowerment. When you are strong and confident, you don’t need to ask permission or check with any authority to make a decision. You’re smart, you trust your gut, and you know your goals. This is a healthy place to be. Recenter yourself here as often as possible.

Sometimes life takes a nosedive and feels out of our control. It’s during these times that we grasp for answers. While looking for answers, though, don’t succumb to the notion that you are at the mercy of fate. This defeatist half-truth is the road to obsession with the oracle. Remind yourself that you are the ultimate authority in your own life. Internalize this. Choose to believe it, even when events are out of your control. We are still subject to the forces of nature, but we need not crumple before them.

Take it in Stride

Take breaks from divination now and then. Remember what life is like outside of this practice. Be spontaneous and don’t think so much about your path. There’s a time and a place for navel gazing, but let it be only a time and a place. The purpose of Tarot is to enrich our lives. That is why the final card, XXI: The World, is so lush and vibrant and full. Any time the Tarot ceases to enrich, go back to enriching your life some other way. That’s much more important, and it will keep you centered in a place of strength. It is only from a place of strength that you can give powerful, meaningful Tarot readings.



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